Archerra Leadership Team

Jason Garratt – President

Jason co-founded Archerra in 2008 with industry veteran David Garratt to develop proven data analysis services for our clients in retail and product distribution. Combining his advanced technology background with his retail consulting experience, Jason is able to deliver the advanced solutions that our clients need to grow. Jason spent the early part of his career designing products and building teams at successful technology companies such as Intel Corporation before joining his father David in consulting. Through working with our leading retail and product supplier clients, Jason has refined our proven retail market analysis methodology and merged it with web based technologies to create powerful online retail analysis tools. Jason works closely with our clients to integrate our proven analysis methods into their organizations and provides them with the tools they need to grow with data.

David Garratt – Managing Director

David co-founded Archerra with his son Jason and brings his vast industry experience of retail market analysis and planning developed through working intimately with leading retail clients in North America, Europe and Japan for over three decades. As a consultant, David has focused on providing custom analysis solutions to develop the retail networks of clients such as Best Buy/Future Shop, Town Shoes, 7-Eleven, Suncor/Sunoco, Petro Canada, ARCO/BP, Canada Post and Swedish Post. Integrating his knowledge of the retail market place with a variety of software systems, data sources and modeling technologies has made it possible for David to provide our clients with unique solutions to the many problems they face in the market place.