Archerra Retail Analyst Tool

Bring the power of geographic sales analysis to your web browser. Archerra Retail Analyst is a web based tool that puts the data you need to grow at your finger tips.  Drill down your sales and customer data to the neighbourhood level and visualize your performance with interactive maps.

Visualize the Demand for Your Products

Archerra Retail Analyst allows you to visualize the demand for your products from the national level down to the neighbourhood level.  Knowing where the demand is and quantifying the opportunity for your brand is the foundation for planning your growth strategy.

Quantify Market Share In Every Region

Before you can quantify where to grow, it is essential to understand how are you doing in the market now. Archerra Retail Analyst gives you the capability to compare your sales to customer demand and calculate market share in every region and every neighbourhood.  Know where your market share is low and high to evaluate the performance of your existing locations.

Identify Opportunities To Increase Sales

Plan your growth around the opportunities to increase sales.  With Archerra Retail Analyst, you’ll know exactly where your market share is low and where the opportunity is high.  With that knowledge, you can move forward to increase sales and market share by adding locations or focusing marketing effort in the right areas.

Analyze Your Trade Areas

Analyzing your trade areas is key to understanding how your stores perform and how your customers interact with your brand.  Archerra Retail Analysis breaks down every market into trade areas dominated by your stores.  Identify the locations that are not reaching their potential by looking at your market share and demand within the trade areas.  Learn from your current trade areas to evaluate the potential of new locations.

Drill Down Your Customers

Archerra Retail Analysis provides the capability to drill down your sales and market share by customer demographics.  Know which customer segments outperform others and identify the customer neighbourhoods where you have the best opportunity to increase sales.  Develop a profile of your top customers to create marketing strategies to target them online and on land.

Measure The Results of Growth Activities

After you build a new location or you engage customers with a marketing campaign, it is valuable to learn where you realized sales gains in refining your plan.  Archerra Retail Analysis gives you the capability to measure sales and market share changes over time in every customer neighbourhood.  Calculate the ROI of your activities and grow strategically with sound data analysis.

Where to Start?

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