Optimize Marketing With Customer Data

Do you know who your customers are and where they live?  Do you know where to find more customers that can increase your sales and market share?  Can you measure the effectiveness of your campaigns?

The answers lie in the customer data your collect.  Combine your marketing expertise with sound data techniques to connect with the right customers and drive more sales to your stores.  Start by analyzing your customer data against the neighbourhood level demographic information to identify who to target.  Launch advertising campaigns to engage your target customers and measure the results.

Identify Who to Target

Every retailer is different and attracts a different customer.  By comparing your customer sales data against market demographic data in every customer neighbourhood, you can identify which customer segments produce the highest sales for your locations. Use data to learn how much your customers spend in your stores and then calculate the sales opportunity in every neighbourhood in every market.  Not only will you know who drives your sales, you will know which neighbourhoods to target to engage more high value customers.

Engage Your Target Customers

Once you know the profile of customers to target and their geographic locations, you can devise campaigns to engage them with your brand.  Use this expertise to engage prospects through direct mail, social media, online and traditional advertising with messages tailored to their demographic profiles.  Knowing who to target and where will not only increase the effectiveness of your campaigns, it will give you the ability to quantify their success.

Measure what works and what doesn’t

With continued collection of customer sales data, you will be able to measure the results of your campaigns down to the neighbourhood level.  You will quantify whether your campaigns were effective in attracting your target customers and measure the resulting increase in market share in every customer neighbourhood.  Knowing what doesn’t work is just as informative as knowing what works in fine tuning the message and method.  By measuring what works and what doesn’t work, you will have the capability to optimize your campaigns and maximize their ROI.

Where to start?

Talk to us and we’ll help you analyze your customer sales data and provide the tools and support to optimize your marketing effort.