Dealer Network Analysis and Optimization

Develop a high performing dealer network to tap the demand for your products. Use the expertise from Archerra to analyze your dealer network and develop the optimal network plan.  Use our Dealer Network Analysis to:

  • Discover new markets with high sales potential
  • Measure product sales performance against regional demand
  • Evaluate and rank new locations based the sales opportunity around them

Proven Analysis Methodology

Our proven methodology developed from over two decades of working with leading retail clients combines geography, demographics and customer analytics to provide you with the most relevant insights to develop your network.

Find Demand For Your Products

Locate regions and neighbourhoods where demand is high for your products. We will analyze neighbourhood demand and locate the top neighbourhoods that can drive product sales. We have access to hundreds of demographic variables and consumer spending estimates for every neighbourhood. We will compare sales within your dealer network to the neighbourhood demand and show you where you can add locations to increase market share.

Evaluate Your Performance

Evaluate the sales performance of your locations against the demand around them. Using sophisticated modeling techniques, we will compare your location sales to consumer demand and break out your market share by neighbourhood. With market share calculated for every region, we can highlight regions where you are under performing and identify areas where you have the best opportunity to grow sales with new locations.

Develop Your Dealer Network

Develop your network using the insights gathered from our network analysis. We will use the knowledge gained from your existing network to highlight regions where there is a large opportunity to grow through adding locations to tap demand. We can rank every potential new location based on the size of the opportunity around it.  From this ranking, we will highlight the best candidate locations to increase sales and market share.

Visualize and Analyze the Results In-House

The results of your dealer analysis and the top expansion opportunities can be visualized and analyzed in-house using our comprehensive analysis tool: Archerra Retail Analyst.

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