Retail Store Network Analysis

Develop a high performing retail store network to access your top customers. Use the expertise from Archerra to analyze your store network and help you develop the optimal network plan.  Use our Retail Network Analysis to:

  • Measure store sales performance against trade area potential
  • Discover new markets with high sales potential
  • Evaluate new locations and estimate sales potential
  • Target top customers geographically to increase sales

Proven Analysis Methodology

Our proven methodology developed from over two decades of working with leading retail clients combines geography, demographics and customer analytics to provide you with the most relevant insights to develop your network.

Understand Your Customers

Discover who your customers are, where they live and how they drive the sales of your stores. With as little as a customer postal code, we can locate your customers geographically and access a wealth of demographic information such as household type, average income and spending patterns. We analyze your customer transaction data to identify the top customer segments that drive sales to your locations and enable you to optimize your locations around the top customer neighbourhoods.

Analyze Your Trade Areas

Evaluate the sales performance of your locations against the demand within your trade areas. We use your customer data to observe where your customers travel to define your trade areas. We then generate market share metrics for all of your locations to identify which locations are performing above and below their potential. We will break down your performance by customer segment and highlight the neighbourhoods where you can increase sales.

We will also compare your market share regionally by metropolitan area, county and province/state to highlight regions where you can increase your market share by adding more locations.

Develop Your Retail Network

Develop your store network using the insights gathered from our store network analysis. We will use the knowledge gained from your trade areas and your customers to highlight regions where you have the best opportunity to add new locations. For each proposed location, we will define a trade area and estimate sales potential ensuring that you pick the best locations while minimizing cannibalism within your store network.

Visualize and Analyze the Results In-House

The results from integrating your trade areas and customer data can be visualized and analyzed in-house using our comprehensive analysis tool: Archerra Retail Analyst.

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