Case Study: Dealer Analysis for a Leading Product Supplier

Client Profile

Our client is a leading product supplier of residential equipment with over $14 billion in revenue and a network of over 7000 dealers in the US and Canada.

Client Need

After losing market share, our client was looking to add more dealers to their retail network to capture residential demand. The desire was to strategically choose new dealers by identifying regions of high demand and low market share.

Our Approach

By combining dealer location and sales data with demographic information for every neighbourhood in the US and Canada, Archerra was able to generate sales penetration metrics. Using a custom model every neighbourhood, county, state and province was then ranked based on demand potential and market share. Areas with high demand but low sales potential were identified as prime candidates for new dealer sites.

Locations of all non-affiliated dealers were also ranked based on demand potential, enabling our client to select the best new dealers to add to their network.

As with all Archerra solutions, delivery of this analysis was provided through an interactive web-based tool allowing our client to observe dealer sales performance by region and neighbourhood. Lists identifying potential new dealers were also available for download.

Client Impact

By integrating Archerra’s methodology into their sales analysis process, our client can now easily identify regions in the US and Canada ideal for improving market share. Potential new dealers can be ranked and targeted for engagement. As a result, Archerra is now being widely deployed and is an integral component of our client’s future growth plans.