Marketing Optimization

Growing retailers need to know that their marketing dollars are being spent to maximize return on investment.  Your sales and customer data contains valuable information to get the most out of marketing.  Use the expertise from Archerra to optimize your marketing effort using a customer centric, data driven methodology.

Customer Analysis

Before launching a campaign, take the time to understand your customers.  A retailer will sell to many different demographic segments but there are always some segments who patronize your locations more than others.  Do you sell better to young urban or upscale suburban households?  Our analysis starts with analyzing your data to determine who your best customers are and how much they spend on your products.  Once you know the profile of your customers you will not only be able to identify where to find more customers, you can develop the right messaging to target them.

Optimize Flyers and Ad Mail

Through our customer analysis, you will know the profile of customers and you’ll know exactly where to find them.  We will analyze the customer demand for your products and calculate your market share down to the neighbourhood level in every market.  Armed with this valuable information, you can systematically target high opportunity customer neighbourhoods around your stores to drive more sales.  Work with us to send the right message to the right households.

Target with Social Media and Online Ads

After we identify the customer profiles that offer the best opportunity to increase sales, you can target them through Social Media and Online Ads.  For social media, knowing who to target can form the basis of your customer engagement strategy and messaging.  For online advertising, not only can you create the right messaging and content for your target customers, you can also target them geographically in the areas that have the highest opportunity to increase sales.  Work with us to get the data you need to focus your online campaigns.

Measure the Success and Repeat

Identifying the target customers and launching your campaigns is just the start.  Measuring the success of your marketing activities and learning what works and what doesn’t is just as important.  With continued customer analysis updates, we can provide you feedback on which customer segments responded during the time period of your campaign.  If your campaign was a success, you will see higher sales and market share for the customers you targeted.  Repeat what worked in future campaigns.  If not, you can test a different campaign strategy using the knowledge gained.  Work with us to measure the ROI of your campaigns and get the most out of marketing.

Visualize and Analyze the Results In-House

The results of your campaigns and their effect on customers can be visualized and analyzed in-house using our comprehensive analysis tool: Archerra Retail Analyst.

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